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What Parents Are Saying About Oasis Boys Ranch

Joe R.

“I was at Oasis Boys Ranch for about a year and by the time I had left to go home, I felt like a part of the Schneider family. It really helped me learn to contribute to that family because I had not made an effort to assist my real family. The program taught me how to be a leader, and how to be level-headed and calm in bad situations. Most importantly, Oasis Boys Ranch showed me how to live a happy, sober life. It saved my life, and I am very grateful to the program and all the Schneiders working there for helping me through my addiction and treating me like I was their own child.”

Dan D.

“Oasis Boys Ranch is an answer to prayer. Our 15-year-old son has struggled throughout his life behaviorally and emotionally. Oasis Boys Ranch provided a challenging, loving, and faith-filled environment to help him grow. He participated in the program for a full year, and it was worth it! He grew tremendously and had a real turnaround. If your son is struggling and you don’t know what to do, I highly recommend talking to the team at Oasis Boys Ranch to learn how they can help.”

Karen S.

“I have known Matt Schneider for almost 4 years now. In October of 2015, I entrusted my most treasured gift, my 15-year-old son, to the care of Matt Schneider and the loving staff at his family’s male behavioral based programs at the ranch. Into the third year of Joseph’s time there, he graduated up to the specific care and tutelage made available at Matt’s Oasis Boys Ranch Program. The year that he spent in this program was very impacting, and helped my son to grow, heal, and finish High School. Oasis Boys Ranch meets troubled teens where they are, sees them with the face of love, and slowly, patiently and methodically helps them confront their woundedness and learn to take the next necessary steps towards recovery. Along the way, my son grew in confidence, in hope, and began to understand all the many possibilities awaiting him as a young man and child of God. Oasis Boys Ranch exposed him to appropriate hard work, which fostered his drive and sense of self-worth, the necessity of prayer, healthy supportive relationships, and the need to achieve a certain academic prowess. Body, mind, heart, and soul – this balanced sense of well-being remains at the center of Oasis Boys Ranch’s Program. Additionally, the balanced approach of achievement, trust gained, growing responsibilities, and fun experiences, helps provide an appropriate and motivational environment for behavior advancements and an empowering sense of accomplishment. After that year at Oasis Boys Ranch, my son came home with a homeschooling High School degree, a sense of what hard work entails, an understanding of human dignity, and how life expectations and appropriate functionality require both a humble obedience and compassionate ability to direct. I firmly believe that Oasis Boys Ranch will help teenage boys who find themselves in a life-crises to breath, slow down, grow and find purpose once again in their journey called life.”