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Outdoor Education

Adventure and Transformation Through Outdoor Education Learning at Oasis Boys Ranch

Outdoor Education at Oasis Boys Ranch

Outdoor Education at Oasis Boys Ranch is an adventure-based learning program for a young boy’s behavior modification and interpersonal self-improvement. When a troubled boy enters our rustic 1800’s lifestyle base camp in northwest Wyoming, he experiences new challenges and opportunities each day that impact how he thinks, feels, and behaves.

Our experienced staff helps boys rewire their brains through Love and Logic® therapy and practicing new habits consistently over time. This approach can be more successful, especially for boys who don’t want to go back to intensive therapies.

We also actively combine hands-on experiential education with individual and group therapeutic all done in a wilderness setting on wide open ranges with a local 2,500-acre ranch.

Wilderness Experiential Learning Changes Everything

Experiential expeditions and outdoor education are powerful tools for helping preteen and teen boys reset their life values. Immersing them in a wilderness learning environment removes them from familiar homes and comfort zones, exposing them to challenges that stretch their personal skills and self-awareness. Oasis Boys Ranch staff provide them with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome obstacles both in the wilderness and within themselves.

Promoting Growth and Self-Discovery

Interventions by Oasis Boys Ranch staff promote self-worth and dignity, enabling struggling boys to engage in introspection. While wounded youth may resist at first, the program’s activities foster character growth, empowering them to confront idealized self-perception.

Guidance Towards Positive Identity

Struggling teens often seek identity, purpose, and a sense of belonging, sometimes gravitating toward high-risk behaviors and negative influences. Oasis Boys Ranch gently guides clients toward a relationship with a Higher Power, fostering values of kindness, mercy, and serenity, akin to principles found in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Developing Virtue and Impulse Control

Through outdoor education, boys learn to identify shortcomings, understand their behavioral effects, and cultivate opposing virtues, fostering impulse control and moral integrity. They become more attuned to ethical promptings, gaining the courage to resist negative influences.

Embracing Positive Environments

Wilderness expeditions enable boys to leave negative environments behind and thrive in a positive, healthy setting. Here, they learn new ways of thinking and behaving, disrupting dysfunctional patterns and building resilience through shared challenges and community support.

Building Community and Self-Esteem

As boys embark on this challenging adventure together, friendships flourish, fostering a sense of community and improving self-esteem. Through reflection and support from mentors, they can heal and enhance their emotional, mental, and physical well-being, ultimately transforming their lives at Oasis Boys Ranch.

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A Change of Culture:

At Oasis Boys Ranch, at-risk teens immediately enter a culture centered on honesty, work ethic, faith, dignity, and respect. The rural location of our program offers a break from technological distractions like cell phones, tablets, and TV, allowing young men to reconnect with themselves through nature. Here, they engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, and honing their horsemanship skills, where they can reconnect with nature and foster personal growth. Furthermore, our approach goes beyond equine therapy; we teach “Cowboy Horsemanship” through authentic, real-life, working situations.

Oasis Boys Ranch is a privately owned, Christian-based, non-therapeutic school for at-risk teenage boys. Our employees are dedicated to “Apostolic Paternal Teaching.” Focusing on strengthening the body, educating the mind, and elevating the spirit of our clients. We recognize diversity in society and embrace a cross-cultural approach, supporting the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual.

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